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Bet Roulette on Groups of Numbers in a Live Casino

Everyone knows baccarat and blackjack are the most played games in the live casino, but a game that is less known and always offered live is roulette. This game is just as exciting, although you do need to know how to do it. Once you know it, you will certainly click roulette more often in the live casino.

Bet Roulette on Groups of Numbers

So how should we play the numbers of roulette? Depending on the position, you bet on 1 or more numbers. On the American double-zero wheel the edge is 5.26 percent, with two exceptions. On the European single-zero wheel, the edge is 2.7 percent, with one exception. The American wheel has 38 numbers; the European wheel has 37 numbers. The payout for a single inside number is 35-to-1 on both wheels.

Maybe the biggest hoped for number answers the following question:

  • Straight up: With Straight up bet you make the ultimate bet of which many people know the beautiful roulette game. You place your chip or chips on one specific number. The chance that you actually win is of course very small. However, the payout for a Straight Up bet is 35-1.
  • Split: With split bet you place your chips between two numbers and thus bet on both numbers (vertical and horizontal). The payout for a Split bet is 17:1.
  • Street: Street bet is done by placing your chips to the left or right of a row of numbers. You then automatically bet on all 3 numbers of that row with an 11: 1 payout.
  • Corner: With a corner bet, you bet on 4 numbers. In that case you place the chips on the intersection of the 4 numbers with an 8: 1 payout when you win.
  • Six line: This is a six-number bet that is placed on the outside line that splits three numbers from three numbers. The payout is 5:1.

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