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Casino Games History

There must be something in human nature that fosters a love of gambling and casino table games. How else could we explain the fact that the game has been found in all cultures, in all centuries, from ancient Egypt and China to the Roman Empire, to the 21st century online casino?

The history of casinos and casino table games is therefore long and fascinating. Each game is born from one of its ancestors, more or less similar, always following a common thread: the odds at home.

In fact, the golden rule for creating all online games and their longevity over time is always the same, favoring the dealer.

Poker, on the other hand, the second of the most important casino table games, has developed and spread across all continents over the years to become one of the most popular casino games today.

All new online casinos have a large part of their gaming offering dedicated to casino table games, and if you like them, you should check them out as soon as possible.

History of Card Games

The modern documents as we know them today were adapted from those invented by the French in 1300. These documents were adapted from ideas gathered in central Asia and the Arab countries.

The French nobility was known for playing cards with images of Napoleon and other emperors, to give them a note of importance and prestige.

Ancient China Casino Table Games

There are many Chinese sayings that incorporate tips on how to win at games of chance, even though those games can be found until the dawn of civilisation, not just the Chinese. The Chinese have always been known for their numerical games and many modern games, such as the Keno developed from them.

Roullete Game

Roulette, number one in the casino table games, which took place only in the second half of the nineteenth century, derives from the famous mathematical blaise pascal, who accidentally found roulette while experimenting with perpetual motion and theory. That gravitated around him. From its invention, roulette was derived, one of the symbols of the modern casino.

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