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Casino News: Cards Counting in Blackjack

Like Poker, Blackjack is a card game that is not only based on chance, but also allows you to play strategically to maximize your chances of pocketing winnings. To do this, one of the strategies that has been developed and still remains the most popular today is the counting of cards.

We are not going to tell you that this technique is easy to learn, or rather that it is accessible to all. One thing though: do not attack card counting until the rules and the principle of Blackjack have become second nature to you. You can move up a gear and learn how to count cards only after becoming familiar with these rules.

Many people think that counting cards is cheating. False! This is what casinos want you to believe because the advantage of the one who counts the cards is such that the casinos would lose money if everyone put it.

To remove this misunderstanding, let’s see what it’s like to cheat on blackjack. It’s pretty simple actually: if you use electronic devices (computers, phones, etc.) to make the game easier, you cheat. If you are conniving with the dealer, you cheat. If you work and collaborate in a group to try to win, we can say that you cheat too. The counting of cards is different because you are alone and you do not use any subterfuge or device to carry it out.

The Principle of Card Counting
In Blackjack, the odds are not fixed but fluctuate because the dealer, after each draw, does not return the card concerned in the shoe. You should know that in this game, some cards disadvantage you while others benefit you.

This means that each card drawn will increase the concentration of one or the other type of cards in the shoe and, in other words, each card drawn will have an influence on the continuation of the game.
The shoe is qualified differently depending on the rest of the cards it still contains:
• If there are more cards (those worth 10 and 11) than weak cards, the hoof is said to be “hot”. In other words, you still have several chances to perform a Blackjack or to have a high hand. You will need to increase your bets at each party in order to win large sums.

• On the other hand, there are only weak cards left (those under 10), it is time to think about withdrawing because the shoe is “cold”. Indeed, the chances of making a Blackjack with such a hoof are almost zero, so save your money by decreasing the amount of your bets.

Be careful though if you play in an unreliable online casino: the counting of cards to be quite legal, the casinos do not appreciate it. So avoid getting noticed by suddenly betting a large sum of money.

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