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Casino News: Illegal Online Casino Discovered on Apple Store

Apple’s App Store has been criticised in the past for offering rogue apps that have passed ‘strike’ regulations from the tech company. The most recent app that has managed to penetrate Apple’s webshop is Jungle Runner 2K21.

At first glance, Jungle Runner 2K21 just looked like an ordinary app – a simple game for kids aged four or older. However, it has now become clear that the app hid a lot more.

App developer Kosta Eleftheriou posted on his Twitter on April 15 that Jungle Runner 2K21 is not an innocent children’s game at all, but a hidden online casino.

Under normal circumstances the app just opens like the advertised platform game, however, Eleftheriou noticed that the app suddenly looks very different when the user enables a VPN connected to Turkey.

Instead of the cheerful child’s play, players suddenly see a casino app, Eleftheriou posted on Twitter. Furthermore, the developer found that the app does not use Apple’s in-app purchasing system (IAP). Instead, it accepts direct payments via Mastercard, Visa, and multiple cryptocurrencies.

Through a series of tweets, Eleftheriou announced that the app has been active in the App Store for a few months without intervention. He also highlighted a number of reviews of the app in which players reported having paid large sums in exchange for generous casino bonuses, never receiving the promised rewards.

Given the recent discovery, it was wise to take a close look at this game as well, and it soon became clear that this app has exactly the same purpose as Jungle Runner 2K21 and also acts as a cover for online gambling in countries where it is prohibited.

An investigation by Daring Fireball has determined that the developer of Jungle Runner 2K21 does not run a real online casino, but that other online casinos are displayed via the app in a web view.

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