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Casino News: LT Game Launches Casino Robot Dealers

The Chinese company LT Game will very soon launch a robot that resembles a human being and can shuffle the cards flawlessly and honestly at the casino game.

In November, LT Game introduced the robot called “Min” at the trade press a solution for the staff shortage in the Chinese gambling city of Macau.

The Chinese government has determined that only residents of Macau are allowed to work as dealers in local casinos and therefore no expats.

That makes the flush thin, because almost everyone in Macau with a little brain already works at a casino. According to the local statistics office, there are currently nearly 26,000 croupiers and dealers in the gambling city.

The robot dealers might also incorporate face-recognition capabilities, a technology that is being developed with a partner company, according LT Game’s chief operating officer, Betty Zhao.

“This is a very good year for LT Game in Macau. We are the first gambling equipment manufacturer in the world that produces the human-like robotic dealer,” Ms. Zhao said.

Cheaper Than Real Dealers

There are already blackjack machines with a virtual dealer on the screen at online casinos. And of course you can play games at online casinos that are accompanied by an animated dealer. But complete robots that look like humans and shuffle real cards on the table and it can be much cheaper than human dealers. They never complain, never make mistakes.

There is another argument. In some countries, casinos are only allowed to offer slot machines and not games with human dealers.

This is the case in some US states, for example. And then robots like dealer might be the egg of Columbus. Robot dealers may even be a solution for the Asian vending machines, which are not allowed to use real dealers.

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