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Casino News: The History of Online Casinos

Land-based casinos are of course the direct ancestors of online casinos, but it will be shocking to learn that they are not the only ones.

The first gaming software, the internet as well as the regulatory commissions that are spread all over the world nowadays are the other main ones. We propose you to go back in time and together determine the premise of online casinos in detail.

History Online Casino

In the 1970s, land-based casinos became tired of mechanical systems and had to innovate in order to better fight against the competition. Thus, software began to replace the first penguin bandits made from scrap metal. If these programs offered very poor graphics, they represented a real novelty and were the pillars of the digital revolution.

It should be known that the very first software of this type proposed a game of virtual Blackjack. Gradually, the screens won the game rooms although this technology already required constant adjustments at that time.

The arrival of the internet
However, even if each land-based casino proposed a start of digital technology in the late 1990s, it was totally improbable that a bettor could play the casino and bet on a computer-which was extremely small.

When the US military developed the internet after many research intercoms set up by the Research and Development Corporation in partnership with the US Air Force, consumption habits were totally disrupted. The first networks came into being, allowing hundreds and then thousands of users to access common game systems. Nowadays, it is internet that allows web users to enjoy the same games within a single site with optimal coverage.

Game commissions
As early as 1994, the signing of an agreement called Free Trade and Processing Zone Act by the independent territory of Antigua and Barbuda represented a significant first step in the creation of legal structures allowing players to have fun online safely. This territory was the first to issue licenses to online gambling operators, who were already required to meet a number of criteria beforehand and to respect rigorous conditions.

The Free Trade and Processing Zone Act is probably the founding law of legal online gambling. The Microgaming provider was one of the first to see the light of the signing of this law. They established their premises on the Isle of Man, another independent territory that founded his own gambling commission. In response to this initiative, many other regulatory agencies have sprung up around the globe.

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