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Casino News: The Legends of Blackjack

Just like in other casino games, some players decided to give up their passion for blackjack, a full-time job, and their success was soon felt. Blackjack therefore has its own Hall of Fame, with unavoidable names in the discipline, which meet every year.

The blackjack already has 7 exceptional players who, thanks to their talent, have left their mark on many blackjack tables on both sides of the world.

Edward Thorp

Edward Thorp has forever marked the discipline of poker with his game and his writings which will forever remain a veritable gold mine of information for all blackjack players.

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is brilliant American math teacher, who presented all of his discoveries on the discipline of blackjack in a work that has become a best seller for any self-respecting casino player.

Al Francesco

If blackjack has become one of the essential table games in casinos, it is thanks to Al Francesco, who actively participated in popularising the discipline of blackjack. To learn more about the style of Al Francesco, who managed to make the reputation of blackjack, discover the list of his exploits.

Ken Uston

Ken Uston is one of blackjack’s most legendary figures – a successful high-stakes pro, a celebrity of the small screen, and a fearless advocate for a player’s right to beat the house at its own game.

Arnold Snyder

This experienced blackjack player is a staunch defender of the rights of casino players. The notoriety of Arnold Snyder makes him an essential in the discipline, whose journey will impress you.

Keith Taft

If you want to thank the player thanks to whom you benefit from a considerable advantage of profits, it is Keith Taft that it will be necessary to cover with praises, by discovering how he achieved such exploits.

James Grosjean

James Grosjean was a writer, professional blackjack player and computer analyst who has revolutionised the world of blackjack to join the biggest names in the Hall of Fame in the discipline.

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