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Casino News: What Is Premier Roulette Pro?

Premier Roulette Pro is a new form of roulette, but what does it mean exactly. There are more than enough casino games that you can play all day long.

Premium Roulette Pro one of the popular games offered by Microgaming and it is a must for fans of the traditional roulette game. The company therefore knows exactly how to design casino games. Moreover, they are very experienced in making roulettes. That is a good thing because the popularity of casino games has been increasing in recent years.

Overall, Premier Roulette has of course not just become a very popular variant of roulette. The game is very similar to the European version and therefore has a wheel in which the numbers 0-36 can be found.

Bet Options:

Call Bets

The big advantage of Premier Roulette is that you have different bet types and lots of game features. For example, you can choose Call Bets. These bets do not mean that you will actually put money on the roulette table. You will just announce your bet, and the croupier will mark it for you. That means the online casino will extend a type of credit for you with each call bet.

Customisable Bet Layouts

Bet Layouts are used to customise a layout of bets on the roulette table. You can apply your bets for a single game or during AutoPlay. This method of deployment is only available in Expert Mode.

Neighbour Bets

At Neighbour Bets you bet on adjacent numbers or you opt for a Straight up Bet. Finally, it is also possible to place Bets Track where you can choose groups of places that you need to place in the table.

Choosing the right strategy is extremely important with roulette. This also applies when you play Premier Roulette. A smart strategy is necessary for good results. You do not have to delve into the rules of the game. They are virtually the same as the rules of other roulettes.

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