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Everything You Should to Know Sic Bo Variations

Sic Bo is played exactly like the terrestrial version. The game is using a random number generator to determine the result of rolls of dice. Sic Bo is also referred to as Tai Sai, Hi-lo or Big and Small. The game is from a Chinese origin it’s a game of luck and is played with three dice.

Sic Bo broadcast live on your computer or smartphone. The live dealer rolls the dice; thus the results are determined by factors beyond your control. Despite these limitations, there are many reasons to play Sic Bo online.

Today, Sic Bo games are also available in different variations at online casinos. And this article has attempted to give a brief description of variations of Sic Bo.

Small Bet – Small bets are very common. You bet on a small bet by placing your chips in the far left corner of the table. Small bets outweigh a total of 4-10 on all three dice. This with the exception of an identical three-digit victory where the same number appears on all three dice as it is a separate type of bet.

Big Bet – This bet is also extremely popular, big bet wins if the total sum is from 11 to 17 points. As for this bet, you need to note that when triples appear your bet will be a loser and this is the reason a total of 3 and 18 are not included in the small and big bets.

Single Bet – In a single bet, players bet that a specific number will result on one of the three dice. To bet on this type of bet, place your chips on the last row of numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The winnings for this bet vary according to the number of times that the chosen number lands on the three dice.

Combination Bet – Players bet on a specific combination of numbers. For instance, you can bet on a combination of 5 and 8 and this bet could be a winner if the result from the roll of dice will be 5, 3, 8. For the combination bet, the payout will be 6:1 regardless of your combination bet.

Triple Bet – The bet is made on the appearing of a particular triple of numbers. If that happens, the bet wins 180 to 1.

Total Bet – When it comes to this Sic Bo term, it’s pretty much all in the name as it refers to the total amount that comes up on the three dice after they have been rolled.

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