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Is It Allowed to Create Multiple Accounts at an Online Casino?

Technically, creating multiple accounts at an online casino is certainly possible and we can imagine that it is very tempting. With an extra account you can collect a nice free bonus one more time without deposit or welcome bonus.

Yet it is expected not to do this. It can cause problems and even cost you a lot of money. Most online casinos are not allowed  to gamble from different accounts and also they tell you straight that as soon as you’re caught, you are banned all your balance’s blocked.

However, don’t worry we will help you and we have a number of tips for you to prevent you from getting into trouble:

Always Limit Yourself to One Account

No matter how great the welcome bonus from the online casino is. Always create only one account. It seems to be very tempting to grab that nice welcome bonus twice or even three times. It doesn’t seem all that complicated either. You just enter a slightly different name or you can adjust the address slightly.

But you shouldn’t do that. Casinos mainly check on payouts. You can certainly play for a while with multiple accounts at an online casino. However, the moment you check your winnings and the casino, you fall by the wayside. You will then have lost your money.

Every day there are players who argue that they do not know that you are not allowed to play with multiple accounts or that they really do not remember the details of that account from long ago.

Never Try to Manipulate Your IP Address

An account per IP address is of course simple, if you are the only one who uses the internet connection you are on and if you live alone. It becomes more complicated when family members sometimes take a chance. And it becomes quite difficult when you play in a place where people you don’t know or hardly know use the same internet connection.

Never try to manipulate your IP. Some players go to an online casino to play via a VPN in order to have a different IP address than their roommates. This is not allowed and casinos will ban your account if they find out that you are playing via a VPN.

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