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Mobile Betting More Popular

Nowadays, mobile betting is more popular than betting via laptop, desktop or iPad. This is of course mainly due to the fact that we are increasingly living with our mobile devices and the fact that they are also getting better and smarter.

The bookmakers must follow the developments and this ensures that more and more online betting sites also have an app or mobile site for the players who prefer this way.

Mobile Betting Today

It was different couple years ago, but at the moment it can be said that most players prefer mobile betting. This has to do with several factors. For example, it is easier to use the smartphone at work during the break instead of using a computer for this.

In addition, not everyone works with a computer or has access to a computer during the work break. In addition, it is also more pleasant at home to simply hang out on the couch with a smartphone or tablet while you watch TV.

We can call this development “dual screen” or “double screen” entertainment. It means that people with two devices want entertainment at the same time. For example, you watch a sports competition via your TV or laptop and you use your mobile or iPad to bet on that competition.

Two Advantages of Mobile Betting

The advantage is that as a player you can now surf from your mobile browser to the bookmaker site. You will then find a fully optimized mobile website with all the functionalities of desktop and laptop, only in small quantities.

Game Selection

In general, the game offering of a mobile betting is slightly more limited than the game offering of the same bookmaker online. The fact is that not all games are suitable for adapting to the size of a mobile device.

Still, more and more aspects become responsive, which means that the game selection of a bookmaker is increasing over time. For example, at this moment it is already possible to watch live streams of matches on your mobile. The same applies to live betting!

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