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Play Live Blackjack for Real Money

Playing table games like blackjack at a casino is of course huge different than in real life. Despite the fact that online casinos do everything to make the experience as realistic as possible, you miss the interaction with the dealer.

You are still playing against a computer. Beating a computer is always more difficult than a real dealer. Of course, with fair software, the RNG ensures that everything runs fairly and safely.

When it comes to blackjack, the nice solution is play at a live casino via a video connection. This experience comes close to the real experience at a real casino. Finally you get the chance to compete against a real dealer.

How Does Live Blackjack Work?

Actually, live blackjack basics don’t work very differently if you’re used to it. In front of you can still see a digital table on which you can bet chips on circles to play with one hand. The only difference is that you are not the only player anymore.

A table can be full or there are players who just grab your spot. The big difference is also that the dealer usually waits until everyone has bet. When everyone is ready, the dealer starts the game.

The game is played per hand. When it is your turn, you can decide whether to take cards or wait. You can just click your choices with digital buttons. The dealer sees this on the computer and carries out the actions.

When everyone has finished playing, the dealer will play her own hand. It is now exciting whether you have come close in terms of points (21). If you win you win 2 times your stake. If you have a blackjack you win 3 times your stake. In case of a draw you will get the bet back and in case of loss you will lose the bet.

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