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Play Online Sic for Real Money

Sic Bo also known as Tai Sai is a popular dice game in Singapore and Malaysia online casinos. The player bets on predicting the individual score or the total score of the dice before rolling the dice.


One of the most striking elements of the game Sic Bo has to be the layout on which it is played. Although the layout looks complex and full, the game itself is not difficult to understand and to play well for everyone.

The layout looks full, but all betting options are easy to play. For you as a gambler there is therefore plenty of choice and many options to win money.

In the center of the layout you will only find the numbers 4 to 17, the minimum and maximum possible combinations of three dice. If you bet on this, you have a chance of winning in the ‘Total Sum’, where as a gambler you can bet on the final sum of all three dice.

At the top left and top right you can find the ‘Small’ and Big. A Small bet is when the player predicts that the sum total of the roll of the three dice will be between 4 and 10, while a Big bet revolves around the player predicting the sum total of the dice to be between 11 and 17. When it comes to a Big bet, the odds are 1 is to 1 which means that you do risk winning less money than you would if you made a Small bet, however, you also have a greater chance of winning something.

You will also find the option to bet on a ‘Double Number’. If you predict that two dice will be the same and if it comes out, you will win back eleven times your stake. As an example, the double is twice a ‘6’. You do not have to choose a specific number that has to come back twice, this is just a random bet on two dice with the same number as the result.

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