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Play SA Gaming Live Dragon Tiger Card Game

Dragon Tiger is a very simple card game which doesn’t require any skill and which when played at a lower wager level, is very much like a Baccarat game. The ability to back different bets makes it more interesting than a slot and the fact you can track the progress of the hands is also a useful feature.

The Types of Dragon Tiger Betting:

  • Dragon or Tiger: This is a bet on which of the two players will draw the higher card. This bet pays out at even money and in the event of a tie, then the player receives back 50% of their bet.
  • Tie: This is a bet that neither the Dragon or Tiger will receive a higher value card and that the game will result in a draw. This bet pays out at 8/1 when successful.
  • Big or Small: This is a bet that the card drawn for the selected player (Dragon or Tiger) will be either Big in value (from 8 through to the King) or Small in value (Ace through to 6). Guess correctly and your bet will pay you out at even money. If the card drawn for your player however is a 7, then your bet automatically loses.
  • Suits: This is a bet on what you think the suit of the card will be drawn for your chosen player. The four different card suits are available, Spade, Heart, Diamond and Club and if you guess correctly with your bet for the drawn card, then you will be paid out at odds of 3/1. However, if the card drawn is a 7, then your bet loses regardless of the suit of the card.

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