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Populer Roulette Numbers

Roulette is an easy game that you will find in both the online live casino and the land based casinos. Roulette is a game in which you really can’t make mistakes.

The object of the game is to bet on one number, or several numbers. There is always a minimum and a maximum bet, but this differs per casino.

If you regularly play at the roulette table, you may have noticed that certain numbers fall more often than others. Within the casino these numbers are called ‘hot’ numbers. The hot numbers are therefore the numbers that appear most in roulette and players sometimes deliberately choose to bet on these numbers.

It is true that the hot numbers offer no guarantee at the roulette table. The chance that the roulette ball will land on another number is actually just as great. Each spin is a new spin and therefore has its own outcome. The chance that the roulette ball lands on your number is one in 37. The chance that the ball lands on the same number twice has exactly the same chance and is therefore also one in 37.

When players play at the roulette table, they sometimes do so with a history. This history keeps track of which numbers fall. It often seems that certain numbers fall more often than other numbers. But when you play at a roulette table for an hour, this is just a brief observation. It can therefore be stated that there are no patterns to be found in roulette and it is of no use to sit at the roulette table with a history.

The numbers that are most bet on during roulette is unclear. All over the world, roulette is so immensely popular and played so much that it is almost impossible to track which number is actually bet the most. But there are some numbers that are popular among the players.

Lucky Number 7

The number 7 is a number that many people consider to be a lucky number. It is therefore not surprising to think that this is a popular number to bet on at the roulette table. Many players do the same.

Number 0

The 0 number is a number that is popular for players. This is a number that attracts them, especially the players who like to be a bit cross. The players who choose this number often have a certain strategy in mind.

Number 17

The number 17 is also a popular choice among many players. This is because 17 is exactly the center of the table and many players feel that the ball is more likely to land here.

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