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Progressive Online Casino Blackjack for Singapore

Progressive jackpots games are usually associated with online slots. However, players who do not like to play games are interested in the large payouts that progressive jackpot games offer from time to time. Therefore, online gaming providers usually have progressive jackpots in certain versions of their other games as well.

Blackjack is a popular online casino game and some of the leading software vendors have a variant of blackjack with a progressive jackpot

Playtech is a software provider for online gaming that offers a progressive blackjack variant called Progressive Blackjack. Like the games described earlier, this game is also based on aces dealt.

Four matched aces lead to the progressive jackpot being hit. Fixed payouts are offered for three matched aces of $ 5000, four unused aces of $ 2500, three unused aces of $ 250, two matched aces of $ 100, two illicit aces of $ 50 and one ace of $ 5.

Playtech’s progressive blackjack does not work be a very popular game because even though it has not been played for almost two years, the progressive jackpot is just over $ 200,000.

Microgaming also has a progressive jackpot variant, but it differs from the rest. Instead of being based on aces, it is based on suds and is called Triple Sevens. Three diamond thieves result in the progressive jackpot being hit. Since only three cards are required to hit the jackpot, this is an advantage over the other blackjack progressive jackpot games.

But since only diamond thieves can result in the jackpot, that benefit is neutralized. Three sevens of the same suit, in addition to diamonds, result in a fixed payout of 1000 coins. All three sevens result in a payout of 250 coins and two sevens of the same suit result in a payout of 50 coins.

Microgaming Triple Sevens is a popular game whose progressive jackpot rises by an average of $ 750 per day. It beats on average every 90 days and pays an average of about $ 90,000.

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