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The Most Frequent Numbers in the Casino

Entering a casino is always a bit overwhelming, the lights, the games everywhere, the tables and everywhere we see numbers: whether it be on the Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, slots or even on the dice, that is almost to anywhere we turn there is some number.

Many times when we start our adventure in the casino online or live, the most frequent numbers or those that make us win become our favourites, little by little we adopt them as lucky numbers and it is almost a fact that every player has theirs.

Although it is true that games of chance always have a personalised touch, we all give it a certain approach according to what we think will make us win, so we are adopting those numbers or those figures that we think will give us the happiness we hope for.

The truth is that we all have our favourite numbers and the arguments to think that they are better than others, often based on experiences, beliefs or simply because “it beat us”, as it is commonly said.

For many players their lucky numbers are based on important dates or significant experiences, but professional studies have been carried out to find out what the most popular people are when it comes to participating in a game or sweepstakes.

British writer Alex Bellos conducted an online survey that included people from all over the world asking what their lucky number is and why. The number that came out in the first place of the survey was 7 with nine percent of the preferences, in this sense, the users who chose it only said that it was for a sentimental issue.

After the 7, came the 3, 8, 4, 5 and 13, all of them with arguments very similar to the first, only that Bellos made a very interesting observation: that your native country or your language can affect your choice.

For example, in China the eight is very popular because it is pronounced very similar to the word “prosperity”, while the 4 was not chosen by anyone because it is similar to the word that means “death”.

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