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Things You Did Not Know about Singapore Casino Games

There is no doubt, you can categorise and subcategorise Singapore casino games in several ways, but the simplest 2 categories are the most basic: table games are those where you play at a table with a dealer and other players. Examples of table games include baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette. Slot machines include slot machines and video poker.

Over the past decade, video game versions of different table games have become popular as well, you can find video blackjack and video roulette at many casinos now. Playable games usually involve playing cards,dice or a spinning wheel of some kind to achieve random results.

The variety of slot machines and video poker games available is staggering. No matter what stakes you play for, or what size jackpot you hope to win, most casinos offer a slot machine that fits the bill.

Everyone knows that casinos are insanely profitable, but not everyone understands why. The reason is actually simpler than you might think. The odds of winning and the payouts are never the same. Here is an example: In roulette, a bet on red or black pays at even odds. If your odds of winning that bet were even, it would be mathematically “fair” betting. But your odds of winning are not even. This is because less than half of the possible results are red or black.

A roulette wheel has 38 numbers on it and 18 of them are red. 18 of them are black. But 2 of them are green. So you have 18 ways to win that game and 20 ways to lose that bet. If you bet SG$ 100 on 38 spins and saw all possible results, you would win SG$ 1800 while losing SG$ 2000. It is common to see how the casino has an edge in this situation. But this is how the math works on all casino games, more or less. You have a chance to win, but when you win, you win less than you would need to make it an even game.

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