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Top Reasons Why a Casino Denies Your Winnings

Most online casinos deny paying players’ winning for more legitimate reasons. Often a person will have oneself voluntarily barred from an online casino.

There are other reasons why the casino might refuse to payout:

Multiple Casino Accounts

You can only create one account per casino. Yet often prize money is seized as a result of playing with multiple accounts. Players have all sorts of reasons for this. Sometimes they want to cash in the welcome bonus twice or even more often. And sometimes a player has forgotten the login details of his old account or a roommate already has an account at the relevant casino.

Invalid Data Entered

The verification of your casino account is typically one of those times when things still go wrong. With this verification, the casino checks whether you are who you say you are.

Did you enter a wrong name? Or a wrong address? Then in many cases you can whistle at your money. Sometimes players enter a different name to fill in with multiple accounts.

Deposited with Someone Else’s Card or Account

An online casino will never withhold payment that’s due to a player unless they believe there has been a breach in security. During account verification, a casino normally will heck whether the money you have deposited actually comes from your bank account or from your bank cards.

If you have signed up and begun using fraudulent information or a payment method, such as a credit card which does not belong to you a casino has the right to refuse a withdrawal of both the deposit and any winnings until the person has proven their identity.

Played with a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is of course very handy. It protects you against all kinds of cookies and tracking software. You can also pretend to surf from another country via a VPN.

Via a VPN you can mask that you have more accounts at a casino from your IP address. And you can also pretend that you come from a country other than your country to still play at casinos that do not accept local online gamblers.

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