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What Roulette Numbers Are Played the Most?

Roulette is a casino table game that has intrigued hordes of enthusiasts for centuries. With great distance, roulette is the most popular game, followed at a distance by blackjack and baccarat.

The game was first played in Paris in its current form in 1796 and is indispensable today in online casinos. There are many roulette variants, such as American roulette (with two zeros), Lightning roulette (with extra high prices), Double Ball roulette (with two balls) and even Triple Zero roulette (with three zeros).

Many roulette players are convinced that certain patterns can be observed in the game. Perhaps the ball falls into a certain sector more often than average, that some series of numbers show certain patterns or that there are numbers that fall more often than other numbers.

With roulette you can always see the results of the last 20 or more throws. These figures are meticulously analysed by players in the hope that they will see a trend that they can capitalizse on.

With the help of the past results, the player determines his Roulette strategy. Will he follow the trend? Or is it going against the trend? And how much risk is he willing to take?

Which roulette numbers are played the most?

If we look at which roulette numbers are played the most, we will see certain trends again. Many players appear to have favorite numbers, which they systematically play on.

The following roulette numbers are played with above average:

  • The zero (the opposite player)
  • The seven (for many people a lucky number)
  • Birthdays and anniversaries (between 1 and 31)

Results from the past say nothing at all about the future

In the long run, all roulette numbers fall just as often. There may be inessential small differences, but these are caused by statistical variance and these differences will not help you as a player at all.

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