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Which Casino Game Has the Best Odds

Everyone who gambles should know in advance exactly what they chance of winning are per game. That way, many people will stay far away from casino games in advance and the number of gambling addicts could be smallest.

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Gambling is big business and we don’t have to put a damper in it: all games of chance are designed with the intention of raising money for the casino. However, people still choose to gamble online and that is quite understandable: some people just gamble because it is fun and exciting, while others believe they can beat the statistics of gambling.

However, that does not mean that the odds of winning are same for all casino games. If you want to find out about the odds of winning each casino game, then you can make a targeted choice for the game that gives you the most chance of winning statistically in the future.

Which games have the better odds?

You don’t have to be discouraged, because there are games in every casino where the house edge is very small. One of the games very popular for that reason is Blackjack. With this game the edge is only 2%, which means that you lose an average of $20 per $1000 you bet.

With every game of Blackjack the chance is almost 50% you win. Blackjack is probably the casino game with the best odds for players. At least if you play well.

Other games such as Roulette have a slightly higher house edge, usually around 5 to 6%. The odds of winning are therefore also quite high, but on average you will lose more money than with Blackjack. The house edge in many other casino games is much higher: often between 10 and 15%.

In slots, the edge can be between 2 and 15%, while Baccarat is somewhere between Roulette and Blackjack in terms of odds.

When you visit an online casino, keep in mind which games give you the highest chance of winning and you may be able to take advantage of that. Higher odds of winning at online casino games offer better odds of winning than their ‘real’ counterparts.

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