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Why is Microgaming Classic Blackjack So Popular?

Some may wonder why classic blackjack game remains so popular with players when there are many other options. Some of the new blackjack games offer exciting side bets for players, while others use a live dealer.

Live dealer games have grown in popularity as some players view them as a fairer version of the game where all actions are transparent.

Classic blackjack was one of the first online casino games developed by this giant in the gaming industry. Microgaming continues to be a powerful force in the online gaming world today. Its games run hundreds of casinos.

Baccarat, variants of blackjack and live dealer games have been included in the offers from Microgaming, but classic blackjack is still at the top of the list.

But there are some reasons why Microgaming classic blackjack is still the best card game online. The most important of these may be knowledge. It has been around for so long that players are just used to it. Those who play online can be fresh against the games they play. When they find something they like, they stick with it.

A low house edge is another reason why some players return to classic blackjack. The house edge of the base is only 0.13%. That edge can be lowered even further when a player uses basic blackjack strategy.

It is difficult to count cards with blackjack games online because the deck is shuffled after each hand, but the different types of games of the only game still work in the player’s favor.

Liberal rules are also why classic blackjack is a preferred game. The player is generally allowed to double the sum of 9, 10 or 11, and some online casinos may even allow doubling of other totals.

Players can split any pair, and some versions of the game also have a handover option for the player. Insurance is also available, but this is a side bet that usually works against the player instead of working for them to lower the edge.

Finally, Microgaming has a strong reputation in the online gaming industry for developing fair games that work as intended. Classic blackjack has also been made available for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

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