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Winning at Casino Games: Luck vs. Skill

The great debate of luck versus skill has been going on for centuries. Most people mistakenly think that games of skill, like poker, are based on luck. These same people usually make the mistake of thinking that games of chance such as Keno involve some skill. Since this is such a confusing topic for most people, we will do our best to explain as clearly as possible the difference between luck and skill in the game.

Winning at Casino Games: Luck vs. Skill

A game of chance is a game that requires luck to win, while a game of skill involves more skill than luck. Games of chance are so lucky that they really are not beatable no matter what strategy you try to use. There is no skill level capable of overcoming the inevitable loss result of gambling over a long period of time.

Well, in the gaming world, skill is basically another word so you can use math to your advantage. Most casino games don’t allow this to happen because the math at the heart of the games is in their favor.

However, not all casino games fall into this category of luck. In a game like blackjack, if you are able to count which cards have already been seen, you have a small edge over the house. There is also a simple strategy for those who don’t count cards to follow, which can dramatically improve anyone’s success rate.

Another great example of a casino game requiring skill would be No Limit Texas Hold’Em. The main difference between this game and other casino games is that you are playing against other people instead of playing against the house.

In poker, the house just takes a small rake which is extremely easy to beat for those with strong enough strategies to beat other players.

Even if there is a bit of luck, the long run will always favor players who have math on their side. The technical part of this game is to recognize situations that require a specific action to win money when those actions or bets are repeated millions of times.

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